Welcome To Mainstreet

About Us

You are about to bare witness to the birth of a New Generation. The Music industry is "ever" changing and with the change we intend to emerge through the darkness and shine our brand of musical talent though to the top!

Welcome To Mainstreet!!!

In early 2003 after spending sometime apart; my brother and I joined forces with an idea we knew would rock the music industry at its very foundation.  After a lot of hard work creating and working out details, as well as having several large obstacles to hurdle our dream of our own label finally came true. Independent? Yes! Small? Not for long!! Our Dream is to make the music we love; And our Vision is to share that music with the world. We believe artists should be true to themselves and to their music, and never let commercialism and large corporate entities dictate the music they make. The pen truly is mightier than the sword, but the only thing sharper is our music








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